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Cut Your Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) Costs In Half

High performant systems require a custom-made integrated circuit to meet the system’s unique specifications. Due to custom ASIC design’s labor intensive nature, non-recurring engineering costs tally into the many millions for quality ICs.

By automating proven analog and mixed-signal design methodologies, Western Semiconductor has the agility of an upstart and an overhead low enough to offer a fixed price at half the rate other quality VLSI vendors demand, while still designing ICs for the highest-performing systems in the world.


Beat The Competition to Market

Our goal is to get your design from idea to fabrication as fast as possible while maintaining a correct by construction design flow. We shave off months from the design process by incorporating the many moving parts of IC design into one integrated flow, removing the idle periods and manual methodologies generally associated with VLSI design. 

  Our team’s agility also grants us enormous leniency from fabrication facilities around the country. When competitors miss their design deadlines, and foundries scramble to increase their yield, Western Semiconductor can shuttle your design onto a wafer in a matter of weeks.